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Happy First Anniversary, NewsWire Blog

One year ago today, we began publishing every workday here at the NewsWire's blog. After 270 online stories, and many reader comments and contributions, I'm pleased to say our online outreach is a success. Sponsors make this free information service possible, just as they continue to play a role in our quarterly printed issues. Like Abby and I here at the NewsWire, these companies believe in a continued community for 3000 owners, advocates and managers — whether they are leaving the platform in a detail-driven migration, or preparing for a transition to an HP-free 3000 community.

You were ready for this kind of information stream, by the looks of your response and use of it. Our gateway to this blog is No. 1 in Google's ranking for "HP 3000 news." Oh yeah, you can get to this blog from that Web address that's been running 3000 news for more than 10 years. The past two weeks of headlines is always online, out on our Web page. But you can bookmark this address, too.

Abby and I would like to thank everyone who's supported, helped and believed in our transition to bring you news faster than printed pages. An anniversary deserves a podcast, and that's coming up soon. But in the meantime, to deliver some useful news on an anniversary day, let me mention a strategic Webcast HP is having tomorrow.

Tomorrow, June 14 at 8:30 PDT (11:30 Eastern time, US), HP Executive Vice President Ann Livermore launches a new modular infrastructure portfolio and unveils an agenda for modular IT design. The live show begins at

HP is calling this presentation "The Datacenter Revolution." Even if you're already in a revolution over the changes to your 3000 community, you may want to look in on this show if you're staying with HP while migrating. Get to the site at least 15 minutes before the start time. Last time HP did a show like this one over the Web, it was over-subscribed by the time it kicked off.