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ERP advice to land near SFO

The ERP user group CAMUS has announced a terminal for its 2006 user conference, although the meeting may not be the last the group produces. CAMUS is calling its members, and ERP users of MANMAN and MK application suites, to the San Francisco airport's Hyatt Regency hotel for a three-day meeting — including a free day of training.

From August 23-25, CAMUS is hosting "Coming Home," the latest installment of a conference where organizers say training has become the top draw. Instructors include experts from Entsgo and the Support Group inc., the "go" and "stay" divisions of the Austin-based Support Group enterprises. Terri Glendon Lanza, MANMAN expert and founder of ASK TERRI, is also listed on the conference's first postcard to arrive.

The conference has attracted good support from the 3000 community, reporting that Pivital Solutions, the Support Group and ASK TERRI are all Associate Partners. An initial conference brochure at the CAMUS Web site says the user group expects about 100 attendees. Floyd, who's on the CAMUS board, told us last fall that this year is a crucial one for the user group to decide about any conferences in 2007 and beyond.

Adding a new wrinkle to a conference about ERP applications as mature as MANMAN isn't easy, but the CAMUS organizers are offering a Free Training Day, morning and afternoon, on August 23 starting at 9 AM. CAMUS says trainers for the Day volunteered their time to serve the community all day “to solve particularly intricate issues offline and lead focus groups of 3-5 people who need extra in-depth training in particular areas. It’s impossible to teach all of MANMAN or MK in one day, but this schedule is amazing, with three [meeting] rooms going at all times throughout the day.”

The first draft of the conference agenda “will be ready for distribution in late Mid-June," a timeframe that might be translated to "in a week or so" from today. After that it will be updated on a regular basis at the CAMUS site and will include session abstracts.

Early bird registration is $300 for a conference being pitched to both migrating and homesteading HP 3000 sites. "Learn the lessons and tricks they have learned to help you in your migration or homesteading," the postcard promises. Early bird rates end June 30; rooms at the Hyatt in the CAMUS block must be reserved by August 1.

Training on MANMAN and MK (an OpenVMS ERP app) is being led by:

David Cervelli, Strategic Systems Groups, Inc.
Terri Glendon Lanza, ASK TERRI
Chris Jones, Ask On Consulting Service
Alice West, Aware Consulting
Robert Bruce, the Support Group, Inc.
Terry Floyd, the Support Group, Inc.
Susan Kiezel, Entsgo, Inc.
Leslie Lushbaugh, Business Systems Consulting
Tim Peer, eNVy Systems, Inc.