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HP enhances its 3000 analyzer tool

HP has made improvements to its free System Inventory Utility (SIU), the script which is designed to give the System Manager everything from a full summary to a detailed view of what exactly is installed on a given system. HP's MPE/iX engineer Jeff Vance reported that the newest version of the tool has been enhanced

so that when the “level” parm is set to FILES it displays additional “special” MPE files. Example file types include: KSAM (data, previously just KSAM key files were reported), KSAMXL, KSAM64, CIR, RIO, MSG, etc.

When the SIU first made its debut more than four years ago, our TestDrive reviewer John Burke said "it is intended to help the team planning a migration to identify files and systems that might have to be dealt with. For the homesteader... it is intended to help organize the 3000 system and target areas that might need your attention."

You can download the improved SIU (version B.06)  from HP's Jazz Web site — the resource devoted to free software and utilities for the HP 3000 — at jazz.external.hp.com/src/scripts/siu/index.html. When the program was first introduced, Burke had this summary of its potential:

Should you download the SIU and run it on all your systems? Absolutely. Regardless of whether you are planning a migration or expect to homestead, the SIU will provide you with useful information about your HP 3000 system, something you can never have too much of.