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HP announces power supply failures

HP has announced power supply failures on a range of its replacement servers for HP 3000s: the HP 9000 units most commonly installed by customers who have been migrating.

A message this morning from HP's Business Report Center tells customers using an rp7405/rp7410, rp7420 or rx7620 that the Bulk Power Supply (BPS) needs to be changed out for a new module. HP identified the failed BPS units with the serial number range 73040CG00452 to 73040CI01407. That's the serial number of the BPS, not the server itself. HP also notes an Engineering Date Code of 0437 or lower that needs to be verified.

The 7410 is an HP 9000 model in the same N-Class as the HP 3000's N-Class. Customers who converted their HP 3000 N-Class servers to HP 9000s created a 7410 after the conversion. HP's got a lot of power supplies to replace, but the vendor is only supplying parts for its support customers. This is a customer-installed repair, if you're relying on HP's support.

"The replacement BPS will be customer self-installed," an HP Web page on the failures reports. In something of a no-duh advisory, the Web page adds, "It is recommended that the BPS be replaced during a scheduled system maintenance outage."

HP posted details on how to check the serial number and Engineering Date Code, a console-based process:

  1. Log into the server's MP (Management Processor).
  2. Enter the command menu by executing the 'CM' command.
  3. Use the 'DF' (Display FRU information) command to obtain the BPS serial number and EDC.

The HP Web page also has details on how to order the replacement parts.