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Another 3000 enhancement, if you test

HP has put some beta-test-caliber code up on its Jazz Web server that implements three new functions of the Command Interface (CI). Jeff Vance, ever HP's source of this level of improved 3000 interface, posted a note to the 3000-L newsgroup and the OpenMPE mailing list last week:

MPE/iX patches MXV0(7.5), MXV1(7.5), and MXV2(6.5) implement the 3 new CI info functions: VOLINFO, DEVINFO and SPOOLINFO, which are available for beta-test. A Communicator article on Jazz provides more details on these functions.

A list of all beta-test patches is also available on Jazz at:

Please help us and other customers by requesting, installing, and using this new feature.

Beta-test patches, of course, are only available to sites on HP support.

We've discussed the challenging state of HP 3000 enhancement testing in prior posts here on the blog. None of this engineering will get the general release status it deserves without the community's experimentation. Some of this CI work has been done from the 3000 group's Bangalore labs, to give credit where it is due.

Why not download a patch and try it today?