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Caring for orphans of the 3000

While this headline might prompt thoughts of abandoned customers and applications in the 3000 community, there's a more commonplace orphan problem to resolve on many 3000s. Users close their terminal emulators before they log off their 3000s. Go ahead, admit it — you've even done it yourself. It leaves orphaned sessions behind. So how can you detect these orphans and terminate them?

One suggestion, from telnet and HP 3000 advocate Wirt Atmar, is simply to avoid the orphan-ization in the first place with telnet connections, instead of NS/VT. "The problem is associated with the slightly higher complexity of NS/VT and the dissynchronization of state information," Atmar said in a post to the 3000-L newsgroup. "No matter how the user quits their session, a telnet connection cleanly breaks the connection and the session disappears. This behavior is consistent across all versions of MPE and all patches."

If your choice of connection can't be telnet for some reason, HP has supplied a free script to address the task of aborting jobs.

Donna Garverick of the OpenMPE advocacy group advised using the abortj script on HP's Jazz Web server:

"Pains are taken within this script to try to get rid of a session in many ways before resorting to an abortjob," she noted.

There's another possible cause for orphaned sessions: network port configuations with firewalls and Virtual Private Networks. John Bardessono added

I found that the firewall/VPN (network port) was configured for 100mbit full duplex. Sessions would disconnect, but still appear to be active with showjob.  I had the network port reconfigured to 10mbit, half duplex and the problem went away.