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Update: Those NDAs are still in place


HP's e3000 Business Manager Dave Wilde contacted the NewsWire to give us an update about the state of the non-disclosure agreements that have covered receiving 3000 support post-2006. On Dec. 20 we were told those NDAs' terms and limits would be waived, but Wilde tracked down the latest NDA advisory for these companies.

Wilde said about the announcement to extend basic-level support to at least 2008:

As a clarification of an earlier statement made by HP to the NewsWire, HP indicates that this announcement does not invalidate any NDA covering previous HP support discussions with customers. HP also indicates that it will work directly with customers who had previously approached HP, to reconcile the new basic reactive support offering with any prior discussions of support needs.

We'll have a podcast with our holiday analysis of the announcement posted up later on today. Our regular blog entries, with more details on the extension of HP's 3000 business, will resume on Tuesday, December 27.