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Steps to send DTCs out the door

Distributed Terminal Controllers represent the first technology HP 3000 shops used to connect with PA-RISC systems. These DTCs remain in use across the 3000 community, but shops are looking at making their networks more modern with the use of standard switches. What's more, HP's yanked support for DTCs under HP-UX 11i v3 (11.26), according to a panel discussion at last month's HP Technology Forum. That means either keeping DTCs in place after a migration by setting up a separate HP-UX workstation, or cutting those DTCs off.

When a 3000 customer using ThinLAN networks asked what steps to take to "de-commission" their hardware, Tracy Johnson delivered the answers over the 3000-L mailing list:

Can I just simply power down and disconnect, or is there a graceful way of doing this? Also, if a printer is attached via one of those DTCs, how can I relocate the device to be plugged into the one DTC I want to keep?

Since you’re on ThinLan all you should need to do is take your “T” BNC connectors and put terminator ends on both sides of it.  Then plug it into the back of your Multifunction I/O card.  In effect, your ThinLan is still working, but there is nothing to talk to. Assuming your DTCs are the only things using your ThinLan of course, and you have another NIC card for the remainder of your network.  (I’d hate to ruin your whole network.)

Second, in NMMGR go to the DTC subscreens and hit the DELETE  key for each DTC and SAVE it. Then go through the VALIDATE procedure.  When it gets to the point where is says to do it now or at next reboot, either yes or no, it shouldn’t matter.  Although now would be more convenient.  (It “may” fail, but there will be a disclaimer saying it will take effect at next reboot anyway.)

Joe Dolliver added that keeping a DTC-linked printer in the network means "You need to know if the printer accepts a Jetdirect card. If so you have to connect via the card."