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On Friday we announced we'd be opening a couple of Web locations for HP 3000 pros to advertise their availability. Veterans in the community believe that 3000 skills will be in higher demand over the next three years as companies begin their migration projects. Our Friday podcast looked at the details of what kinds of work are already available. Many 3000 customers don't have as much 3000 talent on hand as they would like; the 3000 tends to run itself, in the absence of any any significant changes. Migration is going to be Y2K kind of intensive, once the work begins.

Send us your summaries of your 3000 experience in a couple of healthy-sized paragraphs, including your contact information, plus a link to your resume that's hosted on your own Web site. We'll put up your "situations wanted" shingles at the NewsWire blog and on our main Web site. E-mail your notices to [email protected], or [email protected].