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3000 sites step into Unix healthcare

Amisys Synertech announced another of its 3000 sites that's made the transition to the HP-UX platform on Friday, showing the way for the majority of the Amisys base that's still running the MPE/iX version of the payer software system. Amisys Advance substitutes Oracle for the 3000's IMAGE database. The migrating customer, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan (CDPHP), reported in the Amisys press release they feel the 3000's data functionality is intact after their migration.

“As a data-driven organization, CDPHP has always considered Amisys to be a very highly functional claims processing system,” said Raymond Murphy, CDPHP's Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations and CIO. “With the recent upgrade to Amisys Advance, CDPHP’s systems now run on an industry standard technology platform that will provide us with the opportunities to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of our business.”

This need for industry standards in a business platform drives a lot of 3000 migrations, as managers at the CIO level reach out for computers in the Unix or Windows mainstream. CDPHP had been an HP 3000 shop since the 1980s, according to our subscriber records at the NewsWire. The organization, which now serves 377,000 residents of New York state and is headquartered in Albany, had an IT shop of more than 20 staffers when we last polled them. CDPHP "performed many aspects of the migration themselves," according to the Amisys release. But the health plan still engaged Amisys to help finish the project.

Amisys professionals assisted in completion of environmental set-up and data migration for core and custom databases. Amisys databases are among the largest in the HP 3000 community, and the veterans of migrations report that the one of the biggest chores is getting accustomed to Oracle after years of using IMAGE. ASI’s Technical Services team also supplied on-site migration specialists "to ensure success throughout the implementation."

Although the 3000's user base is well-known for its do-it-yourself zeal, a migration can easily outstrip a company's resources at key points of the project. HP and others believe that migration expertise is going to become harder to find in the year to come, while some customers rush toward getting off their servers before 2006.

The CDPHP migration was the second in as many months Amisys announced. In September Scott & White Health Plan (Scott & White) successfully implemented Release 1 of the AMISYS Advance payer software application. The Release 2 software steps away from Powerhouse screen forms to a Java-based interface. Scott & White, one of the largest regional plans in Texas and a well-regarded health provider which funnels much of its insurance business through its own health plan, will process claims for more than 187,000 members.

Al Gain, a veteran of Amisys from the days when the company wasn't owned by larger parents like HBOCMcKesson or Synertech, used the same quote in both releases about the two different companies. “This is another example of solid business partnership in action,” Gain said.  “ASI and (fill in health plan name here) partnered together with commitment, experience and collaboration to successfully complete the migration to AMISYS Advance.”

At least the migrations were unique. Both health plans needed Amisys experts to finish their migrations.