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Patches clear beta status, and RSS rises at HP

HP's is making good on its commitment to get enhancements rolled out for the HP 3000, and the logjam of beta test patches looks like it broke up a little at the end of August. A new 7.0 version of patch MPEMX39B, for example, went into general release. This patch fixed problems with Series 997s using more than 3.75GB of memory:

The 7.0 (B) version of this patch includes the new :SHUTDOWN command introduced with MPEMX06. There are new catalog messages associated with this enhancement, so if patch MPEMX08, or a patch which supersedes it, is not already installed, it is recommended that it be installed at the same time as this patch.

HP's patch process tests against many interdependencies; a repair patch like MPEMX39 needed to be altered to accomodate the SHUTDOWN command. HP's has released patches for 6.5 that include repairs to Network Services Transport, telnet, SNMP, and Streams/iX.

HP is going to make it even easier to keep up with changes to its patching process this fall, the vendor promises. It will use RSS feeds for patch updates, a Web format which makes reviewing new material much simpler than reading through the rough formats of HP's e-mail notificiations. An article out on the HP Web site explains RSS  — a tool we use to deliver this blog's headlines, by the way; just click on the link at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar to take our headline feed (feed:// You can see how HP's press release headlines look by entering the following address in your RSS reader or RSS-friendly browser: