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Eloquence has been on the move

Marxmeier Software moved into new quarters over this summer, the kind of change that a supplier's customers can view as a sign of progress. Marxmeier provides Eloquence for the HP 3000 user who's moving off the platform, as good a replacement for IMAGE and TurboIMAGE as can be had.

Marxmeier's Ruth Schuerrle said the move gives the company more space for more developers in its North Rhineland German home town:

We are taking the opportunity to hire a new office with better facilities in the city center of Wuppertal, instead of renewing the old lease. And we will have more room for new developers. We will start searching for new developers, for our team to be able to enhance Eloquence and our services for the HP e3000 migration customers,  after summer holiday period.

The growth model at Marxmeier has been admirable in the three-plus years we've been watching the developer. It has provided new IMAGE-savvy technology for use on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms, all while not over-growing to force hikes in its prices. The company has done things that HP wouldn't have, like moving Query to other platforms. Its founder Michael Marxmeier has done his road duty in the US at the annual conferences, too, and in fact was going to be part of an independent migration roundtable at this year's cancelled HP World show.

Eloquence will probably turn out to be the database that long-term homesteaders choose once they make a move — since the product sells for a fraction of the SQL Server and Oracle alternatives and fits so neatly with HP 3000 IMAGE programs the homesteaders will migrate.

In our August printed edition we'll cover the improvements for Eloquence 7.10, developer work that goes into beta test this month. For now we'll just note that the move to new quarters for the solution provider went smoothly, and pass along the new contact information:

Marxmeier Software AG
Kasinostrasse 19 - 21
42103 Wuppertal

The company's telephone and fax numbers remain +49 202 24314 40, Fax: +49 202 24314 20