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AMXW enables direct retail migration

Speedware announced a migration project that uses AMXW to migrate an HP 3000 shop to the Unix equivalents: an HP 9000 HP-UX server and Eloquence. The tool will help to migrate the online and catalog businesses at The Thompson Group, whose operating companies include Linensource, Casual Living USA and Thompson Cigar.

Speedware picked up AMXW in a purchase two years ago, adding the suite of tools that migrates HP 3000 environments to Unix or Windows. Last year Speedware announced it had booked $4 million of migration business involving AMXW just over the summer. But the latest migration project that Speedware's performing will include more than software and porting. "They even designed a comprehensive training program specifically for our needs," said Donnie Harman, MIS Manager at The Thompson Group. Thompson relies on mission-critical custom applications more than 2,000,000 lines of code that process more than 10,000 transactions a day.

Speedware offers AMXW through other Platinum partners, partly because some consulting usually accompanies the purchase of the tool. MB Foster resells the solution; the company has a PDF document that summarizes AMXW features (80K PDF file) on its Web site.