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HP-UX gains in later results

In our June issue, just now hitting the streets, we reported that the migrating HP 3000 customers are choosing Windows as a heavy favorite transition platform. But the percentage of HP-UX sites is creeping upward since our early-June survey. On June 3, these companies didn't make up even 30 percent of the respondents who were moving. A week later, the raw totals stood like this

Windows: 31 customers
HP-UX: 23 customers
Other Unixes, including Linux, Sun & IBM: 15 customers

iSeries choices got mentioned twice, and one HP 3000 company has moved to Apple's Unix, which most of us know as OS X.

These revised percentage totals keep Windows in the lead. But with 71 companies now reporting their migration plans or accomplishments, HP-UX has managed to poke above the 30 percent mark, to just about one-third of the target platform choices.

Six companies are migrating, but unsure of where they'll end up. Another eight companies told us they were not migrating at all, even though our survey questions didn't ask these homesteaders to fill us in. We're glad to hear their stories, too.

You can read the full story, including comments from the migrating sites at the NewsWire's main Web site. Meanwhile, Windows is still being named in 45 percent of the HP 3000 migrating sites, even with these updated figures.