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April 04, 2011

Keeping a 3000 on the Network

With most HP 3000s more than 10 years old by now, the internal components might be subject to failures. It doesn't happen often to anything but a disk, but any electronic part can go belly up on you. We liked the advice applied when a seasoned manager found his Network Interface Card (NIC) unresponsive on his 3000.

I have a NIC that appears to be down (no blinky lights).  When I tried to restart the LAN configured to it, I got the console message in reply to my restart command below:


Encountered one or more errors while processing command. (CIERR 4436)

/SYS/PUB%>** NETXPORT Control Process : BUFFER MANAGER; Buffer manager error
- Loc: 45; Class: 2; Parm= $FFE300C9; PortID: $FFFFF78E

Does this appear to be software or hardware related? In other words, if I power down the HP 3000 and bring it back up, will the card wake up or remain dead?

Donna Hofmeister of Allegro replied:

Using NMMGR, check the configured packet size for the affected link. In particular, look for a packet size of 8224, which may indicate the NMCONFIG file has been corrupted, probably by an incompatible version of NMMGR. If the packet size is configured correctly, then depending on the error, it is possible too much frozen memory is being used by the system, but this can change with time. Use GLANCEXL or a similar utility to check memory usage by the system.

Use of the LINKCONTROL command can at least show if the 3000 can see the apparently dead hardware.

Mark Ranft of Pro 3k explains:


Or more specifically...


3000 manager (and Invent3K DR system admin) Tracy Johnson posed the question. Before he asked for the techniques to test, he explained his solution. "I solved the problem by swapping the IP with an unused NIC and doing a NETCONTROl START on it."

But if you're starting to solve this kind of problem with no unused NIC on hand, knowing the diagnostic process is the best first step to keeping a 3000 on the network

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