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February 16, 2011

Who sent away OpenMPE's source, and why

After our report yesterday from OpenMPE's Jack Connor, he checked in this morning to make one point clear about the location of the MPE/iX source code. The code was licensed to the volunteers in 2010. By 2011, it's back inside HP. But that was not the volunteers' wish, the chairman says.

"OpenMPE did not return the source to HP, as implied in yesterday’s NewsWire article," Connor said in an email. "It was originally sent to [removed treasurer Matt] Perdue by HP."

Perdue did not respond to two certified letters from the board of directors requesting its return. After several weeks of waiting for compliance, a letter was sent to HP notifying them of our loss of control of the source. We received notification from [former 3000 business manager] Jennie Hou on January 27 that HP had received the source, directly from Perdue.  

We are currently working with HP for its return.

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